Board and train is like sending your dog to school We teach your dog on leash obedience, place command, off-leash recall, and cover all aspects of livability, control, and environmental neutrality.





Perfect for dogs 6 months and older with little to mild behavioral issues. In our 2 week program, We teach your dog on leash obedience, place command, off-leash recall and cover all aspects of livability, control and environmental neutrality. All training tools go home with your dog. Any additional weeks needed to accomplish our training goals are included in the package price, no additional fees will be charged.


Two weeks are a good start to fundamentals, but for rehabilitation, most dogs need 2-4 weeks depending on the severity of issues. This package is for dogs that have aggression, reactivity, and or severe anxiety issues. All training tools are included. Any additional time needed to accomplish our goals is included in the price. We are available for follow up as needed.


Our custom training programs are quided to best accommodate your specific situation and dog’s personality. We strive to create a meaningful, lifelong relationship, built on trust and communication, between you and your dog.



What We Can Do for You and Your Pets




Board and Train


Day Care

Adjusting Basic Behaviors

A 1 on 1 private training course where you and your dog will learn new skills and commands such as: heel, sit, down, stay, recall. As well as house manners such as: no jumping, no chewing on household items, and how to greet house guests. This course also offers socialization skills such as: going out for a car ride, going to crowded places like coffee shops or stores, how to meet a friendly stranger, and desensitizing your dog to being away from their handlers for a period of time.

Dog Boot Camp

Two weeks of continuous training for your dog while staying at our Asger K9 facility. During their stay, our trainers will train your dogs the basic commands(such as: heel, sit, down, stay, and recall), socialization, and household manners (no jumping, no chewing on items, and properly greeting guests). Upon return of your dog, you will have three follow up sessions once a week, in which we transfer all the training over to you and it is your job to maintain the training.

Leave Your Dog In Good Hands

Do you have a busy lifestyle? Do you travel a lot? Do you feel like your dog is not getting the exercise and mental stimulus it needs? Leave them with us at Asger K9 for a full day or multiple nights of fun running, socializing, and learning pack manners.


Group Classes


Personal Protection

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Bite Club Nights

Basic Obedience Group Sessions

These classes offer the basic knowledge every dog owner should want to have when it comes to taking great care of their furry friend. We cover everything from the proper equipment to get for your dog to working with distractions in busy public areas such as parks, stores, and coffee shops. It's the perfect start for every pet owner.

The Ultimate Companion

A good working dog with the proper training could mean the only line of defense between you and imminent danger! Don't leave it up to chance to prepare for the worst and pray for the best.

For The Performance Dogs

Bite Club nights are bite work sessions in a group environment,  where we meet and work on bettering ourselves as a handler as well as our dog's performance to work more efficiently as a team.



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