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As a family-owned and operated dog training business, our mission is to redefine the relationship between man and dog. We believe dogs hold more than the title “house pet.” They are our protectors, our companions, our helpers, and so much more. Our goal is to make that a reality by bringing your dog to its full potential with our many years of experience and research. We recognize with each and every client no two dogs are the same just as every individual has their own unique attributes. Therefore we focus on a personalized approach with each client in order to achieve the best training solution. Everyone who gets involved in the training process experiences the benefits of a well rounded and knowledgeable full experience that will change their lives forever and how they look at their dogs. So what are you waiting for? Put your best paw forward and let's get started today!

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Kleyner Garcia

Training Director

Kleyner started to pursue his interest in dogs in 2011 with drug detection dog handling. Since then, Kleyner has worked overseas with dual-purpose dogs.  After coming home from overseas, his focus shifted from K9 handling to dog training for everyone in the area. He became a certified decoy to train protection dogs properly. He opened his 1st dog training business in 2017 and has been training dogs ever since. He is the CEO and Head Trainer for Asger K9 as well as an explosives dog handler.

Juan Penalver


Juan discovered his passion for training dogs when he rescued his Pitbull, Angie, in 2015. From learning how he was able to reverse her aggression and fear towards other humans and dogs, and growing a bond like no other with her, he quickly realized he wanted other families to be able to experience the same in their household. He worked at a dog care facility for a couple of years where he gained experience in the proper care and training for dogs. Juan is known for his easygoing personality and who enjoys bringing light even to the most difficult challenges. Because of this trait, he is able to train even the most aggressive dog he faces. With his main goal in life being to always be genuinely happy, this is exactly what he implements in the households when training both the dog and owner(s). Along with that, he keeps an open mind with each individual dog having it’s unique personality that he can always find a solution to. This is his key to a successful training and happy client. When Juan is not training a dog, you can find him out on his boat with his dog, Luna.


Sarah Cabrera

Assistant / Trainee

Sarah is from New Jersey where her interest in dogs started from a very young age due to there always being dogs in the house. It wasn’t until being introduced to dog training in 2016 after moving to Florida, that she fell in love and knew that’s exactly what she wanted to pursue as a career. She has been taking the time to learn from different trainers as well as do her research with online learning. Her main focus is training all different puppies, her female Belgian Malinois Ari, and being a mom of her daughter Penelope and the new baby due in December. 



Two Convenient Locations:
2290 W Bunche Park Dr., Opa-Locka, FL 33054
8000 W 12th Ave., Hialeah, FL 33014



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Kleyner (786) 800-0822 / Juan (786) 439-6665

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